An exciting new neighbourhood in Bishop's Stortford

History of the development

Following close consultation with the local community, East Herts District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Bishop’s Stortford Town Council, outline planning permission for 2,200 new homes and community facilities at Stortford Fields was granted by East Herts District Council in April 2015.


Detailed planning permission for the first phase of the development (the Western Neighbourhood) was also granted in April 2015.


In February 2017, the 130 hectare area of land allocated for development was purchased by developers Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon, Bovis and Kier, from the previous landowners. Construction work on the first homes at the development started in August 2017.


A detailed planning application for the second phase of Stortford Fields (the Eastern Neighbouthood) is currently being prepared.
It is anticipated that this will be submitted to East Herts District Council by the end of 2019.


As well as brand new homes, Stortford Fields will also provide many new community facillites. The masterplan below shows the layout of the development as well the facilities that will be provided.


What's happened so far

There has been a lot going on in the last year to help get the first phase of Stortford Fields up and running, including:


  • Installation of the main sewer networks for the new spine road
     boulevard and second street location
  • Construction of the main spine road and secondary streets, the new roundabout off Hadham Road and associated footpaths and cycleways
  • Diversion of the 132kv electricity supply to Stansted Airport
  • Installation of a new acoustic sound bund and acoustic fencing around the construction site to help reduce
    noise levels
  • Construction of a new temporary haul road for
    construction traffic
  • Installation of one of the UK’s largest crate type attenuation tanks which will temporarily store surface water and control its flow back into the existing water course
  • Construction of a sports pitch and new areas of open space
  • Installation of tree protection such as heras fencing and boundary fencing to help to conserve and protect the
    local environment



What's coming up?

As well as new homes, Stortford Fields will provide a range of brand new facilities for the benefit of both its residents and the wider community, including:


  • Two new primary schools, one of which will be delivered as part of the first phase of development
  • Three large play areas with brand new play equipment
  • A large number of additional areas of green open space
  • A local neighbourhood centre, which will include 22,200 square metres of floor space for new shops
  • A mixed-use community building which will be available for local community groups to hire for private use
  • An area for allotments
  • New footpaths, cycling routes and bridleways


Giving back to the community

As part of the planning conditions for Stortford Fields, significant financial contributions will be made towards improving existing facilities and infrastructure. The payments will be made to either East Herts District Council or to Hertfordshire County Council. Contributions will include:


  • £16 million towards a brand new secondary school in
    the Eastern Neighbourhood
  • £14 million towards primary education
  • £3.725 million towards community management and
    green infrastructure investment which will maintain the open spaces at the development
  • £2.65 million towards a new business park
  • £2 million towards local sports facilities
  • £1.925 million towards improvement of local
    community buildings
  • £1.095 million investment in Hoggate’s Park
  • £950,000 towards public transport
  • £800,000 towards new business start up’s
  • £450,000 towards local play areas
  • £375,000 towards library services
  • £300,000 towards household waste and recycling services
  • £260,000 towards childcare services
  • £150,000 towards community allotments at Stortford Fields
  • £95,000 towards youth services
  • £50,000 towards construction training for local students
  • £50,000 towards local burial space


These financial contributions are in addition to the brand new facilities that will be built as Stortford Fields takes shape.


The development of Stortford Fields will also create employment opportunities for local people. As well as construction related roles, new and long term jobs will also be created as a result of the shops, schools and businesses which will become a part of the new community.


Other proposals

The planning permission for phase one of Stortford Fields includes provision of a sports pavilion. Subject to there being a suitable level of interest in this facility it will be delivered as planned. If a suitable user for the sports pavilion is not found, the funding set aside for it will be provided to East Herts District Council for use towards other sports facilities in the local area.


A 50 home care village is also proposed in the second phase of Stortford Fields and a planning application to finalise plans for this will be submitted in due course.


If you are interested in finding out more about these proposed facilities please email




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